Membership Expires: 16 March 2017

Examination Date: 17 March 2012

Address: Tottenham Community Sports Centre 701-703 High Road, N17 8AD

Email: Tel: 0208 801 6401


Current Gym: Muay Thai Masters Academy

Past Experience: Vincent Deckon began his training at the age of fourteen at York House Boxing club. He then moved on to training with his brother Stephen T French British European and World Champion in Shotokan Karate they would exchange knowledge about the benefits of boxing and the advantages of Shotokan. Vinnie then began training in Lodge Lane with Alfie Lewis four times World Kick Boxing Champion. During this time he studied at Liverpool University where he gained a BA honours in Sociology and a MA in Ethnic and Race Relations.

Following his relocation to London he began training under Chris McNeish at the Peacock Gym and then he moved across London training at KO Gym under the guidance of the World Champion Bill Judd. During this time he traveled annually to Italy for 7 years and trained under the world famous Arjan Marco Desaris at the International Muay Boran Academy and gained his 12th Khan Advanced in Muay Boran, Vinnie for over a decade has traveled to Thailand on a yearly basis to train under Grand Master Woody and Grand Master Paosowhat. In 2009 he was awarded his 14th Khan (Arjan) in Ayutthaya Thailand on the 17th of March ( Nai Khanom Tom Day) and it was such a great honour for him to shared the platform with many highly decorated Muay Thai Grand Masters and Masters. Whilst at KO gym he became Bill Judd’s head coach and trainer of the KO fighters.

Throughout his distinguish career he has always had the honour to train under world champions and this has greatly influenced his training methods and practices. Helping him to produced two World Champions one European and Commonwealth Champion, Ring Master Champions, and many British Champions. In 2004 with another colleague he co-founded and developed another Muay Thai Academy which under his guidance became successful however the partnership ended. Then in Jan 2011 Arjan V and a committee of trusted Instructors went onto collectively create Muay Thai Masters Academy. A Muay Thai Camp dedicated mastering ones self by mastering the skills and techniques of Muay Thai. Motto: “Practice Makes the Master”