History of the Wai Kru

World Wai Kru Ceremony

Kru” is the word for “teacher” in Thai language.

The Kru is the person who shares and passes on their knowledge to his or her students “Sidt”.

Traditionally Kru’s are highly respected in Thai Society, valued as knowledgeable individuals in their craft. They practice high moral standards, leading a very respectable and reputable way of life. They are devoted to their expertise and teaching until their students attain full knowledge and are successful in their field.

A “Kru” is recognized by his/her achievements, reputation and respect gained from others, thus increases the number of probable students willing to follow to the suggested teachers guidance. Students are expected to respect the teacher by following their instructions, as well as the rules and regulations of the gym or training facility.

Wai Kru” is a ritual/cultural/traditional demonstration of the pupil’s respect & gratitude to his teacher in submission to the teaching & training. Wai Kru is traditionally practiced by Thais of various professions & Arts; e.g dancers, sword fighters, musicians, as well as academic students and Muay Thai Boxers. “Wai” means to pay respect by placing both hands together in front of the chest and bowing. The demonstration of Wai kru does not only imply paying respect to the present Teacher, but also includes homage to all the teachers of the discipline.