Name: Rav Sidhu
WMO Representative for Australia, KMA Khan 11, WMO Coach Class C
Gym or Camp: Young Lions Muay Thai
Email: Tel: 0404 796 566

Other Information: Rav Sidhu has been training and teaching Muay Thai for over 24 years and is a 2 Times World Muay Thai Lightweight Champion. He first started his training in 1992 under trainer Dave Hussey having studied two martial arts, Zen Do Kai and Muay Thai. Rav achieved his Black belt and Black singlet ranking in both martial arts. In 1993 Rav made his first trip to the birth place of Muay Thai, Thailand. It was there Muay Thai became his passion in life.

He now travels to Thailand on a regular basis to improve his techniques and to immerse himself in the Thai culture. When in Thailand, Rav spends most of his time in the capital, Bangkok training under Master Yhodpet. He has also spent time training under the legendary Muay Thai fighter, Somlak Kamsing, learning the ways of the Thai champion.

Rav has also trained in Singapore and shared his knowledge to some of the Singaporean fighters. Leading Muay Thai Kickboxing magazine, “International Kickboxer” did a 4 page interview on him. Rav currently holds the International Professional Muay Thai Federation (I.P.M.T.F) World Lightweight title, which he won by knockout against a tough Thai fighter in the prestigious Kings Birthday festivities in Bangkok, Thailand. Rav has even fought and beaten tough Thai fighter Sorachat at the World famous Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, which as seen some of the best fighters square off in centre ring.

Rav has trained many fighters from a scratch to become Australian and State champions and has made a name for himself as one of the leading trainers in Australia. He is also a qualified Muay Thai judge (World Muay Thai Council) and has even promoted a Fight Night event. Rav has brought some of Australia’s best Muay Thai fighters to Adelaide for training seminars like John Wayne Parr,Nathan Corbett and Soren Mongkontong.

Head Trainer: Rav Sidhu
Both the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) and the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) presented Rav with an achievement award for his success in Muay Thai and representing Australia overseas. Rav is the W.M.O (World Muay Thai Organisation – Bangkok based) Australian Representative (under Grand Master Chinuwat Sirisompan)

Muay Thai Fight Record 29 Fights 26 Wins 3 Loss 15KOs

2016 IPMTF World Lightweight Champion – Bangkok Thailand
2014 IPMTF World Lightweight Champion – Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Fought in World famous Lumpinee Stadium Bangkok Thailand
2012 Stadium Champion – Bangkok Thailand
2004 Australian AFFF Lightweight Champion
1999 Commentating for the World Title fights in Adelaide
1998 UMTF Super 8 Lightweight Champion
1998 RU in AMA Aust MA Full Contact Championships
1996 Tournament (Lightweight) Champion
1995 State Lightweight Martial Arts Champion
1994 State Lightweight Martial Arts Champion
1994 – 2005 Editorial Assistant for IKMagazine (SA Reporter)
1993 Tournament (Lightweight) Champion
1992 Tournament (Lightweight) Champion