Name: Perica Milos


Current Camp or School: Instructor at A.S.D. Thai Gym in Cles, Italy

Past Experience: Has been in Thailand 4 times, in the school Be Muay of Kru Suphan Chabairam, in the school of Col. Amnat Pooksrisuk, and in Italy at Diego Calzolari’s school de gym and at the school Maluma Martial Art by Mauro Magliocchetti, and practical Muaythai for 17 years. Diploma of Coach Class B W.M.O. from 2014 and the Diploma of coaching course class C W.M.F. from 2012

KMA Course: AYUTTHYA IN 2014

Learn Muaythai from: BE MUAY KRU SUPHAN CHABAIRAM, BANGKOK since 2011