Nick grew up in Venice Beach, California, USA. He began learning Martial Art’s in his formative years, training informally in MuayThai and Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu.

           Kru Nick’s had a rather unique Martial Arts path as he did not participate in combat sports or competition. Instead, Kru Nick was by fate set on a path that gave him an opportunity to gain rare insights into the realitybased combative applications of the methods.

          He has extensive experience in real combat scenarios in which life and death are the stakes uniquely qualify him to teach this aspect of the Martial Arts. After many years of his involvement in the fighting Arts being of a strictly survival and combative nature he decided to dedicate himself to the academic study of the Martial Arts Sciences. Nick began diligent inquiry into all subjects related to the field with a heavy focus on often neglected subjects such as human anatomy, biomechanics, psychology, history, religion and culture.

          Kru Nick taught himself to read and write in Thai script, and learned the Thai terminologies and language used in Traditional MuayThai Boran. He began diligent study and practice of Thai Buddhism as well as a study of Hinduism which plays a large role in Thai culture. 

          In 2012 Kru Nick codified his own system of Martial Arts which he coined “Muay Sena”. The system focuses on three areas: reality-based combatives Traditional Martial Arts and principles of Self-Actualization which are derived from Kru Nick’s study and practice of Thai Buddhism. 

        In 2013 Nick reached out to the Great GrandMaster Chinawut “Woody” Sirisompan sharing his life story with him as well as numerous videos demonstrating his physical abilities and writings which elucidated hisacademic knowledge of Muay Thai. Following consistent interaction with Nick, in 2014, Grand Master Woody accepted him as his disciple and awarded him with the rank of Khan 10 the equivalent of a “Black Belt”. Nick then began learning the Ancient Traditional Methods of the “Pra Jao Seua” Tiger King Style of Muay Boran under the guidance of GrandMaster Woody. 

      In 2016, GrandMaster Woody awarded Nick with the rank of Khan 11 and then after 4 years under his tutelage he awarded Nick with the rank of Khan 12 and title of “Kru” (Teacher) of Muay Thai Boran, a denomination which connotates Mastery of both the modern sporting Arts of Muay Thai as well as the Ancient Traditional Art of Muay Boran. 

    In 2020 Kru Nick was given an opportunity to share the knowledge which he had spent so many years accumulating and seeking to understand when fellow Master Ajarn Stuart Hurst of England asked him to collaborate on a project which had the objective of introducing the English speaking world to the true Ancient Traditional Martial Art of Muay Boran. The two volume book set focuses on The Legendary Pra Jao Seua (Tiger King Style) which was introduced to Kru Nick by Grandmaster Woody and which he studied extensively. The books are intended to contribute and give back to the Art which saved Kru Nick’s life both literally and Spiritually and are available on Amazon. 

    He is currently writing another book on Muay Thai Boran with Grand Master Woody’s blessings and support.

  Kru Nick plans to continue to contribute to Muay Thai Boran in any manner possible and advance in his knowledge and skills. His vast collection of writings on the Martial Arts Sciences can be found published on his website