History of Prajaw Seua

Somdet Pra Sanphet VIII or Tiger King (PraJaw Seua) was born in year 1660.

Somdet Pra Sanphet VIII’s first name was MaDeua which is the means fig tree in Thai, he was born in the year of the Tiger, therefore titled, “the Tiger King”) growing up he learned Muay Thai from more than 10 teachers around the kingdom.

During his adolescence one day, a stray and enraged adult elephant forced its way inside the palace and wreaked havoc. Only the young Somdet Pra Sanphet VIII displayed courage in temporarily taming the massive beast and leading it to a stream far away from the palace. Upon his return the boy’s father King Narai was pleased with his courage, and appointed him as Luang Sorasak (a high rank duty position) under Krom Phra Kochabaan (the elephant war department). At such a young age Somdet Pra Sanphet VIII already proved himself as a competent leader; he was well favored by his subordinates and especially his father king Narai.

In 1703, Somdet Pra Sanphet VIII or Tiger King became the second ruler of Baan Plu Luang dynasty, and on the 6th February he became the 29th monarch of Krungsri Ayutthaya. During his peaceful reign, rather than staying indoors in his palace the Tiger King embraced his travels by land and sea. He was fond of fishing, hunting and most of all, his favorite sport, Muay Thai. Being the king, of course, no one dared to fight him.

However, He disguised himself as a commoner and attended various boxing events. Being viewed as just another boxer, the Tiger King was treated no differently from the rest of the fighters. Time and time again the Tiger King would emerge victorious there was no comparison of skill greater than that of the Tiger King. 

In honour of the Tiger King, every 6th February has been known and celebrated as National Muay Thai day, grandly promoted by Thailand’s Ministry of Culture.