Muay department of Sport Authority of Thailand

The A, B & C license course held by the Muay department of the Sports Authority of Thailand is now in commencement.

The first group of 2018 has just completed the course; with muay thai superstars such as Yodsanklai, Dieselnoi, Pudpadnoi and many more. Grand Master Woody (Chinawut Sirisompan) chairman of the Kru Muaythai Assocation, had been invited to the closing ceremony to award the director general of the Muay Thai department of the S.A.T. as well as the deputy minister of tourism and sports, Mr. Itipon Khunprerm. A tremendous honour.

Teachers conducting the course were that of the Kru Muay Thai Association; Senior Grand Master of Kru Muaythai Association GM. Jarusdej Ulit and GM. Phosowat Saengsawang as well as director general of muay sport authority of Thailand, Kru Poramate Pakdeekiri Phiwan.

The overall aim of the course is to officially certify and recognise muay thai talents, teachers, fighters and long time practitioners by the Sports Authority of Thailand.

The course is to restore the cultural value and martial art aspects of muay thai, refreshing in traditional muay boran techniques, creating a respected muay thai community from the course and ending with a common wai kru ram muay dance.