Assistant Grand Master Marwan Keyrouz



Marwan Keyrouz is a Lebanese World Champion in Muay Thai / Kickboxing.

Marven Kayruz is also known in Martial Arts as the King of The Ring. He is the Lebanese National Kick Boxing Champ for the years 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996. He is also a Thai Boxing Champion for the years 1996, 1997, 1998. He participated at the European Championship in Kick Boxing in VARNA, Bulgaria and fought against the Ukrainian Vitali Klitchko.

In 1996, Marven Kayruz was the first Lebanese to participate in the World Muay Thai Championship held in Bangkok Thailand.

In 2009, he took part in the Arabic version of Gladiators on LBC, called “Gladiators- the Heroes”. Keyrouz was one of the 14 Gladiators and was nicknamed the Grandizer.

Marven is the Deputy Secretary General of the Lebanese Muay Thai Federation and President of the School Committee.
Marven is an Assistant Grand Master in Muay Thai.

•1978 Started JUDO in Champsville until 1991 in Buddha.
•1989 Trained Jujitsu in Belgium
•1990 Lebanese Championship in Judo in Heavy Weight -95 Kg
•1991 Lebanese Championship in Judo in Heavy Weight -95 Kg
•1990 Started Kick Boxing with Grand Master Sami Kiblawi.
•1992 Participated in European Championship in Varna, Bulgaria in 1992 under WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organization)
•1992 Fought in Amateur Kickboxing Light Contact against the famous VITALI KLITCHKO World Champion .
•1993 Participated and won many National Championships.
•1994 Seminar with Dominique Valera in Kick Boxing, Seminar in English Boxing in Cyprus, and in Lebanon under English and Russian Experts.

•1996 Grand Master Woody visited Lebanon and introduced the Muay Thai Art to the Lebanese Kick Boxing and martial artists led by Grand Master Sami Kiblawi.
Grand Master Woody assessed us and gave me the Red Khan 10.
•1996 I was the 1st Lebanese to participate in the 2nd WORLD MUAY THAI CHAMPIONSHIP under the I.A.M.T.F. as a fighter.
I participated in all the seminars and fought in the Heavy Weight Category -91kg
Grand Master Woody training Gym after the championship Thailand.
•1996 I went for an extensive training in Pattayya in Sityothong Camp with SENIOR GRAND MASTER Yodtong Senanat.
• Kru Examination with Master Woody and i got the Red and White Mongkol 1
1996 Participated in Thai Boxing Seminar with Master Evgeni Kotelnikov.
•1997 2nd Participation in the 3rd World Amateur Muay Thai Championship in Bangkok under the IAMTF Fought in the -91Kg. • • WORLD CHAMPION – Bronze Medalist in Heavy Weight Category.

•1998 Participated in WAKO Thai Boxing European Championship in Kiev
European Champion – Silver Medal in Super Heavy Weight.
•1998 Moved to Cyprus and started giving classes in Muay Thai in Paphos.
•1999 3rd Participation in the IAMTF World Championship Went to Pattaya to Sityothong Camp for Training.
•1999 Thailand Training in Pattaya in Sithodthong and training in Phuket Island.
•2001 4th Participation in the I.A.M.T.F. World Amateur Muay Thai Championship as National Coach.
•2001 Participated in Muay Thai Seminar, and assessment with Master Woody and received MONGKOL 2 RED & YELLOW MONGKOL.
•2002 -2004 Moved to Nigeria and promoted Muay Thai for the first time in the country I taught in a club in Port Harcourt, in the West of Nigeria till 2004.
•2005 – 2006 Giving Muay Thai Classes in Nautilus Beirut
•2006 USA took courses in Brazilian Jijuitsu
•2007 KRU Seminar in Shogun. for my Silver and Red MONGKOL 3
•2008 – 2009 Training for the Gladiators Show – where i represented the Muay Thai Tradition. giving courses & training in Gyms – Jeddah Saudi Arabia
•2010 Giving Muay Thai classes in Sport Tech Saudi Arabia
•2010 I organized the 1st Official Muay Thai Seminar in Saudi Arabia that was under the Patronage of Prince Mohamad Bin Turki, and recognized by Grand Master Sami Kiblawi & the Arab Muay Thai Federation.
•2010 Giving Muay Thai classes in Sport Tech Saudi Arabia
•2011 Participated in the W.M.F 7th World Thai Martial Arts Festival and Wai Khru Muay Thai Ceremony.

•2011 Participated in the Seminar given by Master Woody and Master Suphan in Lebanon for the Arab Kru to update their Degrees and Levels.
•2012 Feb KRU / Master Seminar for the Mongkon 3 Arjan / Master
•2012 March Master Marwan Keyrouz has been coronated in front of all the Participating countries as Arjan/ Master of Muay Thai.

•2013 Promoting Muay Thai in Saudi Arabia organizing Seminars and visists to Gyms in Jeddah.
• 2014 introducing Muay Thai to the British International School whereit was accepted as an after school activity.
• Introduced Muay Thai for kids and women in Jeddah and started One2One and Small VIP group training.
•2016 participated in the World Championship in Muay Buran in Thailand.
•2016 did the highest level of Trainingandachieved the Assistant GRAND MASTER degree SILVER AND GOLD Mongkon.
• Elected for the 2nd term in the LEBANESE FEDERATION of MUAY THAI.
• Appointed Deputy Secretary General for the Federation

European Championship 1992
World Championship 1996 – 1997 – 2001
European Championship 1998
National Champ 1992 – 1996 – 1997 – 1998

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NameAsst. Grand Master Marwan Keyrouz
Khan Grade15
Current Gym/School
Examination date16 March 2017
Expiration date16 March 2018
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