Name: Leo De Matos
Nationality: Portuguese/ Canadian
Age: 51
Education: BA, with Minor in East Asian Studies,
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese
1981: Started martial arts at age 14 in Montreal, ( Quebec) Canada:
1988: Attended muaythai seminar by Pud Pad Noy Worawoot;
1989 – 1994: Started muaythai training under Ajaan “Peter ” Sisomphou ( Daosawan ) former North East
Thailand Champion ( same camp as ex fighter Sakat Pontawee) ;
1995 -2000: Moved to Vancouver to study and later to Japan to work as an English Teacher;
1999-2001: Trained at Rang Sit Stadium in Pathum Tani, Lamai Camp in Ko Samui, Nong Kee
Pahuyuth in Buriram and Sit Yodtong in Pattaya;
-Attended the 2001 World Wai Kru Pee Ceremony in Ayuttaya by invitation of Ajaan Nataphon;
-Amateur and professional fight experience at Rang Sit Stadium, Hua In, Pattaya and Ayutthaya;
-Obtained Level 1, 2 and 3 Instructor License from Ajaan Chalee Khuntaree at Rang Sit Stadium ;
2002-2003: Taught basic muaythai for free at Sun Youth Community Organization in Montreal;
2003 – Present: Opened Daosawan Muaythai Club in order to better promote true muaythai, the sport
and the art to the general public, for fitness, self-defence or competition;
Started and later dissolved AQMA ( Quebec Amateur Muaythai Association) for lack of support;
2008: Returned to Thailand and was Certified Kru Muay, Khan 12 at National Stadium in Bangkok under
the supervision of Ajaan Woody and Ajaan Suphan;

Kru Leo 2008 National Stadium with Ajarn Suphan

Daosawan Muaythai Club wins the first Quebec Best Wai Kru Ram Muay Award given by FQBT
( Quebec Amateur Thai Boxing Federation ) 2015;
First official Quebec amateur Muaythai champions under WKF and Muaythai Canada;
First students from Quebec to fight under full muaythai rules both in Canada and in Thailand;
Wrote short research paper and gave seminar on the Wai Kru Ram Muay to the Quebec Amateur Thai
Boxing Federation member Instructors, now the Quebec Muaythai Council;
Created the Facebook page blog: Muaythai : Flesh & Bones , dedicated to the promotion of the history ,
technique and traditions of muaythai ;
2016 WKF Canada National Team Coach at WKF World Championship in Andria , Italy;
2017 Muaythai Canada National Championships, : 4 students , 4 gold medals, plus winner of Best Team
Award and Winner of Best Wai Kru Award;
2018 Muaythai Canada, National Team Coach at IFMA World Amateur Muaythai Championships in
Cancún, Mexico;
Some of my top students:
1- Olivier Langlois Ross, First student from Quebec to fight professional muaythai rules at Lumpini and
Rajadamnoen stadiums; 2014 Teprasit Stadium Heavyweight Champion, Pattaya; presently professional
fighter at Fairtex Pattaya;
2- Stephen Oppong, 2016 WKF Quebec, WKF National and WKF World Amateur Muaythai Champion
as well as Muaythai Canada Champion; Professional Fighter at Luktupfah Camp;
3- Franck Le Naveaux, 2016 WKF Quebec Amateur Champion, 2017 Muaythai Canada Champion ;
2018 IFMA World Amateur Muaythai Championship, Bronze Medalist; Professional fighter at Luktupfah
4- Uchukron “Ice” Maneesuwanarat, 2016 WKF Quebec Amateur muaythai champion;
-Certified in Basic Traditional Thai Massage from Wat Po in Bangkok in 2001, and from Old Hospital in
Chiang Mai , 2008;
-Experience as Samanen Buddhist monk at Wat Sri Bun Reuwang in Fang, Chiang Mai, 2012;
-Invited personally by Ajaan Sane to train at his Siamyut Camp in Petchburi;
-Official representative of Siamyut Team in Canada and still training when possible with Ajaan Ekger
Mono of Siamyut Team in Greece ;
-Married to Ms Pattama Chindapradit since 2012 in Nonthaburi;
-Still learning about muaythai, muayboran and krabi krabong as well as Thai history, language and