Name: Zhang kun(张坤)มังกรขาว(白龙)

Gender: Male   


Nationality: China 

Gym: Kunthai gym


Before getting to know Muay Thai, I have been learning Chinese traditional KongFu from my mother and Japanese Karate for many years. And I finally adhered to the Muay Thai and kept practicing it until now. I used to learn Muay Thai boran with Teacher Gm SaneTubtimtong Thailand and took professional Muay Thai training at Bangkok’s 13 Muay ThaResume


1: Learn from teacher Gm Sane Tubtimtong

2: Level-12 in (KMA )


4:Win WMC-63kg Four Nations Tournament championshipand 60kg championship

5:Lead a team from China and won 67kg-championship of WMF in 2009

6: Lead a team from China and won 63kg- Runner-Up in Muay Thai Championship of China

7: Lead a team from China and won 60kg/63kg/75kg championships in The National Boxing Invitational Tournament of ‘Hua Shan’ Cup of China

8: Lead a team from China and won 70kg-championship in Boxing Invitational Tournament of ‘Hai Deng’ Cup of China

Students’ Name

罗丽 (Luo Li)

葛绿 (Peyton)

凌敏 (Ling Min)

陈志坤 (Chen Zhikun)

蒋少均 (Jiang Shaoiun)

张先凤 (Zhang Xianfeng)

李志伟 (Li Zhiwei)

李绍为 (Li Shaowei)

段永龙 (Duan Yonglong)

周琴 (Zhou Qin)

周雯丽 (Zhou Wenli)

刘镇滔 (Liu Zhentao)

戴俊铭 (Dai Junming)


Club Name:Kun Tai  Club or Ben Nan Sports&Cultural Club

Company Name: Ben Nan Sports&Culture Ltd.

Location: Wan Ke Road. Chengdu. Sichuan. China.

Phone Number: 13880708618