Kru Christopher Demarest

Channarong Muay Thai Camp

KMA-WMO: Class “A” Muay Thai Referee & Judge
Academic: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Mountain State University
Coach Chris began studying Muay Thai exclusively in Thailand in 2002, with a focus on the full spectrum of fighter, trainer and ring official perspectives. His teaching methodology is noted for strictly following common Thai standards. Chris is a veteran U.S. Army Paratrooper and retired Federal Police Officer. Coach Chris is the founder of Channarong Muay Thai Camp.

Kru Chris began his Muay Thai training in Thailand in 2002, at the numerous boxing camps around
Bangkok and the remote Issan countryside. Chris also extensively studied the Cambodian, Laotian and
Burmese boxing system on a relentless search for authentic techniques and training methods, especially the
closely held training secrets not normally shared. Chris approaced his Muay Thai training differently from
the very beginning with the focus being to become an instructor, to improve law enforcement/military
tactics, self-defensive training and ultimately to preserve authentic Muay Thai in the United States.
Chris has spent over 20 years working in the field, operationg with elite U.S miliatry units and law
enforcement special operations teams. Chris's experience living, training and competing in Southeast Asia,
has given him unique local contacts, broad perspective and in – depth understaning of the culture, language,
philosophy, history and Thailand's national sport, Muay Thai. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree,
numerous law inforcement and military specialized training certifications and is the founder and head
instructor of Channarong Muay Thai Camp- USA.




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