Chairman Thai Martial Arts Academy Germany, Foundingrmember Iamtf,

Aitma, KMA and Wmbf representing germany, President Thaiachiragroup,

Siamyout and Buddhaisawan for germany.

Mr. Ralf Kussler, “AGM Ralf”, was born on 5th May 1963 in Haltern / Germany. He started training in martial arts at the age of six. He gained a black belt in different martial systems before starting Muay Thai. He is currently the CEO and founder of “Thai Martial Arts Academy Germany”.

As Representative for Germany, he is sending the German National Team every year to Thailand.

Inviting and organizing Seminars with Thai Instructors to run workshops all over Germany.

He was running nine gyms and was a promoter in the north west of England from 1984 – 1993.

British Fighter Ranked Top Ten from 1984 – 1993

Always working close with the Thai Community representing Thai Martial arts for T.A.T., Thai Embassy or Thai Festivals.

On his experience in Muaythai;

– 2015, obtained Khan 15 Ass. Grand Master (Golden and Silver Mongkol) to the highest standard set by Kru Muay Thai Association. Examiner: จรัสเดช อุลิต Senior Grand Master Jarusdej Ulit and Team

– 2006, obtained Khan 14 Arjahn (Silver Mongkol) together with GM Kevin Lloyd to the highest standard set by Kru Muay Thai Association in Ayutthaya

-1994, obtained Kahn 13 (Red and Silver Mongkol) to the highest standard set by Kru Muay Thai Association.

– 1993 – present, he has been teaching and demonstrate Muaythai, Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong in       Scotland, England, Wales, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Netherland, Phillipines, Thailand and Switzerland

– in 2020 became President/Representative Buddhai Sawan Sword Institute BSK for Germany

– in 2017 became Team President & Kru Yai of Tactical Thaisword group for germany

– in 2016 earned 3rd place from Thai Sword Fighting KMA Tournament (Double Sword)

– in 2016 became a Martial Arts Coach Tutor for the German Sports Association

– in 2015 earned 2nd place from Thai Sword Fighting KMA Tournament (Double Sword)

– in 2013 Instructor Level 1 in Muay Chaiya Thaiachira group

– in 2011 became President/Representative for Germany Thaiachira group (Muay Chaiya)

– in 2006 awarded Rank of Meun in Krabi Krabong by GM Vicheet Checheern

– in 2005, he was the first runner-up of first Muay Boran World Champion Ship held at the Twin Tower Hotel

– in 2000 became a registered Amateur Boxing Coach with the German Sports Association

– in 1998 became a registered Coach for Martial Arts with the German Sports Association

– in 1997 earned 3rd place at the World Nation Cup in Bucarest/Rumania

– in 1997 producing and assisting GM Woody with I.A.M.T.F Muaythai Instructional Video in Germany

– in 1994 became first member of I.A.M.T.F. and Ass..Representative for Germany.

– in 1991 became a full member of British Institute of Sport Coaches

– in 1991 he became a Senior Coach of the Martial Arts Commission

– in 1991 he won the Welterweight (65-67 Kg) Muay Thai at the Wembley Conference Centre in London.

– in 1988 awarded Rank of Instruktor in Muay Thai (B.T.B.C)

– in 1987 he participated several Instruktor Courses under GM Toody, Tosaphon Sittiwatjana (UK)

– in 1984 started his own gym in Germany, teaching different martial arts

NameMaster Ralf Kussler
Khan Grade15
Current Gym/SchoolThai Martial Arts Academy
Examination date17 March 2015
Expiration date16 March 2019
Teacher/Examination teacher
Contact Max-Planck Str. 8

48249 Dülmen-Buldern

Fon +49 2590 939 47 06
Mobil +49 176 501 97 067



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